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Sri Lanka fundraiser

Fundraising Campaign: Support Sri Lanka workers’ basic necessities for the new school year

Last week nearly 1000 Sri Lanka garment workers producing shirts for the US market were told they would not receive their festival and end-of-the-year bonus.

The union has started a fundraising campaign to help the workers keep their children in school, and is asking for your help. For the over 700 workers with children school around 9000 USD is needed.

pay your workers

Tell brands to #PayYourWorkers

Even though brands are starting to #PayUp, hundreds of thousands of garment workers are still penniless in a pandemic.

Take action here to tell brands to start paying their workers, or head over to our colleagues in the UK to urge Primark to do the right thing. Click here to go directly to our #PayYourWorkers clothing labels or check out our action pack.

Our report; Un(der)paid in the pandemic estimates that garment workers have lost $3-5 billion in wages since the start of the pandemic and calls upon brands, retailers, and e-tailers to commit to a wage assurance.

Find out more about garment workers in the pandemic in our live-blog.


Tell brands to #PayUp

Garment workers should not be paying the price for the COVID-19 pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic is touching lives all over the planet, but is hitting garment workers in particular. 

Brands and retailers need to take action to protect the workers who have enabled the profits they made in the past years. 

Read more about the Covid-19 crisis and take action to urge brands to #PayUp!

Take action for a happy ending for Kanlayani workers

Tell Disney and NBCUniversal they can write a happy ending for the story of 26 Burmese migrant workers in Thailand. These workers are legally owed approximately $110.000 USD, which is close to nothing for three of the biggest companies in the world, with a combined market value of $509.7 billion.

Join us on social media and sign the petition!

End forced labour in the cotton chain

End Uyghur Forced Labour

We are part of 180+ organisations demanding apparel brands end their complicity in Uyghur forced labour. For more information on our demands, and a call to action, click here.

We are campaigning to #EndUyghurForcedLabour and stop brands profiting from #ForcedLabourFashion ! We are currently targeting Zara.


Most information is collected through Uyghur groups in the coalition and open source resources like The Xinjiang Data Project.

Fashion Checker


Are the people who make your clothes paid enough to live on?

Find out which apparel and footwear brands pay their workers a living wage, and what earning poverty wages means for garment workers.

Have a look at the FashionChecker to find out more.