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Industrias Florenzi Win

Victory for Industrias Florenzi workers

After more than a year of fighting, 200 former employees of the Industrias Florenzi factory in El Salvador have won their fight for severance benefits and unpaid wages!

Read more on the Pay Your Workers website, or on the website of the Worker Rights Consortium.

Please continue supporting workers' struggles, find more current campaigns here.

Take action

Take Action: what can you do?

Support the workers of Brilliant Alliance in Thailand fighting for their severance by sending an e-mail to Victoria's secret.

Tell brands sourcing from the state of Karnataka in India that not paying the minimim wage is NOT ok.

Write an e-mail to tell brands that they must #SignTheAccord to keep their workers safe.

Take action for Brilliant Alliance workers!

Victoria's Secret owe Brilliant Alliance workers $7.81 Million!

Take action this holiday season during the Victoria's Secret Boxing Day sale!

Send an email to Victoria's Secrets telling them to #PayYourWorkers!

The Brilliant Alliance Thai Global factory closed in March 2021, leaving 1,388 unionized garment workers, who sewed lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, Torrid, and Lane Bryant, without their jobs. The Thai governement ordered Victoria's Secret to #PayUp as they have violated Thai labour law.

Their sale costs workers their income!

Worst Wage theft Karnataka

#WorstWageTheft in Karnataka, India

Garmen workers in Karnataka, India, have not been paid the minimum wage since April 2020. Visit to take action and call upon brands to take responsibility.

Want to know more? Read the article in the Guardian.

Auchan Acccord campaign 2022

Brands must #SignTheAccord to ensure safe factories and #ProtectProgress

The International Accord continues the important work to make factories in Bangladesh safe and will expand the work to other countries! Find out more in our Q&A and check our factory incidents timeline to find out why the Accord is expanding beyond Bangladesh.

ACTION: Check our brand tracker to find out whether your favourite brand has signed the Accord. If not, please tell them on social media to #ProtectProgress & #SignTheAccord.

ACTION: Or you can send an e-mail to brands like Levi's and IKEA that have failed to show they care about workers' lives.

#EndThePandemic everywhere!

#EndThePandemic Global Week of Action

People in the garment industry are forced to keep working without COVID health and safety meassures. Our leaders have a responsibility to ensure that every person in every country has access to a vaccine.

Join the call to action and help #EndThePandemic everywhere.

#PayYourWorkers Campaign

Tell brands: #PayYourWorkers & #RespectLabourRights

Millions of workers were left penniless in a pandemic. Visit our campaign page and sign our petition calling on brands to pay workers what they're owed by committing to a binding agreement on severance, wages and union rights.

Want to know more?

  • This is the story of the Heart & Mind workers, taking on El Corte Ingles.
  • Tell Nike to pay fired Ramatex workers in Cambodia.
  • Find out more about garment workers in the pandemic in our live-blog.

Want to take action? 

#EndUyghurForcedLabour Campaign

End Uyghur Forced Labour

We are part of a coalition of over 400 organisations demanding apparel brands end their complicity in Uyghur forced labour.

Read the coalition's open letter to the EU here.

Read the ECCHR criminal complaint against Dutch brands.

Most information is collected through Uyghur groups in the coalition and open source resources like The Xinjiang Data Project.

Read the research explaining how forced labour cotton still permeates global garment supply chains.

Fashion Checker

Read our Minimag: It's time to settle the score!

Are the people who make your clothes paid enough to live on?

Find out which apparel and footwear brands pay their workers a living wage, and what earning poverty wages means for garment workers.

Visit Fashion Checker to find out more. Part of the filling the gap campaign.

 wingsfairfilm  Watch the film: Wings Are Not For Sale

Watch #StolenFutures

How to steal your workers' future: #PayUpUniqlo & #PayYourWorkers

Our new short film is an intimate portrayal of the long-term devastation that severance theft causes for garment workers and their families.

Two women speak for the first time on camera about their experiences after being laid off from factories they were once dependent on.

Help us call on Uniqlo to pay the severance they owe & help us call on all brands to #EndWageTheft in their supply chains by committing to an enforceable agreement on wages and severance.

Brands must pay a #EuropeFloorWage

Earning a living wage is a human right but garment workers in Europe struggle to make ends meet on their current wages.

We developed a benchmark for living wages in European countries that reflects the reality of garment production in Europe.

Visit for more information on poverty wages in the garment industry.