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How to steal your workers' future: #PayUpUniqlo & #PayYourWorkers

Our new short film is an intimate portrayal of the long-term devastation that severance theft causes for garment workers and their families.

Two women speak for the first time on camera about their experiences after being laid off from factories they were once dependent on.

Help us call on Uniqlo to pay the severance they owe & help us call on all brands to #EndWageTheft in their supply chains by committing to an enforceable agreement on wages and severance.


protect progress of the Bangladesh Accord

Rana Plaza Never Again: #ProtectProgress

Tell brands to #ProtectProgress by committing to a new international binding safety agreement.

The Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building safety, has made factories safer for over 2 million workers. 200+ brands committed to the programme but it's enforceability is under threat, while that was what made it a success. Why do brands want to walk away from the programme that keeps their workers safe?

Read more about the #ProtectProgess campaign or visit our FAQ

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Call on brands to #PayYourWorkers & #RespectLabourRights

Sign our petition calling on brands to pay workers what they're owed by committing to a wage assurance and severance guarantee fund.

Millions of workers were left penniless in a pandemic. Visit our campaign page to find out why brands need to act now.

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Brands must pay a #EuropeFloorWage

Earning a living wage is a human right but garment workers in Europe struggle to make ends meet on their current wages.

We developed a benchmark for living wages in European countries that reflects the reality of garment production in Europe.

Visit wageforward.org for more information on poverty wages in the garment industry.

End forced labour in the cotton chain

End Uyghur Forced Labour

We are part of 180+ organisations demanding apparel brands end their complicity in Uyghur forced labour. For more information on our demands, and a call to action, click here.

We are campaigning to #EndUyghurForcedLabour and stop brands profiting from #ForcedLabourFashion ! We are currently targeting Zara.


Most information is collected through Uyghur groups in the coalition and open source resources like The Xinjiang Data Project.

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Are the people who make your clothes paid enough to live on?

Find out which apparel and footwear brands pay their workers a living wage, and what earning poverty wages means for garment workers.

Visit Fashion Checker to find out more, part of the filling the gap campaign.