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Clean Clothes Campaign is available to answer media inquiries regarding labour rights issues and corporate behaviour in the global garment and sportswear industries.

Contact information

The Clean Clothes Campaign international office is located in

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:


Please also consider contacting the national coalition in the country where are based, or where the topic you are writing about or brand you are investigating is located.

Find more information and contact details on our global network here.

What we can and cannot help with:

Our specific focus is labour conditions in the ready made garment industry.

We have no in-house expertise available on other related topics, such as the environmental impact of the apparel industry or labour rights in cotton farming.

We can provide photographic material on many of the topics that we work on. Please be aware that we have less audio-visual material available. Most of the material that we have is used in our campaign videos.

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To receive press releases from the Clean Clothes Campaign international office please e-mail your name, organisation and contact details to with the words “Add to Press List” in the subject line.

All our press releases are also posted on this website and are shared over twitter.

To join the press lists of national Clean Clothes Campaign coalitions please find more information and contact details here.

Are you a journalist interested in interviewing a garment worker?

We believe that stories about the garment industry should not only be written from the perspective of the activist or consumer, but should also include the voices of people on the ground. However we cannot give you access to factories, and unless we have a specific campaign with worker involvement we can not set up interviews on demand. Alternatively we would be happy to help you reach out to organisations in garment-producing countries where our network is present.

Looking for advice on specific brands and where to shop?

If you are looking for information on particular brands or advice on where to shop, please be aware that we are not able to comment on individual companies. The general lack of transparency in the sector, the complexity of supply chains and the large number of factories and suppliers makes this an enormous undertaking. Please visit to research brands.

We encourage consumers to hold the clothing companies that they purchase from accountable however we do not advocate boycotting. We have found that contacting companies on social media regarding their ethics is especially effective. It is very visible and encourages others to join in on the conversation. 

For further information regarding high-street brands and why we do no advocate boycotting, visit the FAQ section of our website.

Are you a student researching the garment industry?

If your email is a request for research support for an academic paper or project please be aware that we are unable to respond due to the high number of requests. We make all information that might be helpful to you, including our industry reports and other resources, publicly available for download on our website.

Do you need background or additional information?

For background information about the garment industry and Clean Clothes Campaign you can visit our Fashion's Problems pages, FAQ and country profiles. There is also a lot of information in our most recent campaigns and be sure to check out our latest publications.

For information that was available on our previous websites, see our archive.

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  • July 20, 2021

    Fair Labor Association recommends Uniqlo and s.Oliver provide financial relief to former Jaba Garmindo workers

    We call for the immediate implementation of Fair Labor Association's (FLA) recommendation with the launch of a new documentary, How to Steal Your Workers' Future, an intimate and powerful portrayal of the long-term devastation that severance theft causes for garment workers and their families.

  • July 19, 2021

    Workers owed $11.85 billion after fashion brands' inaction

    The crisis is far from over for garment workers who are owed 11.85 billion USD in unpaid income and severance, whilst labour rights violations flourish, according to new research by Clean Clothes Campaign.

  • July 14, 2021

    Fashion brands fail to address pandemic-era wage theft in Cambodia

    Cambodian garment workers producing goodsfor international fashion and sportswear brands, such as Adidas, VF, Target, Nike, and Gap, were deprived of an estimated US$ 109 million in wages during the April and May 2021 national lockdown, according to calculations by Cambodian trade unions and Clean Clothes Campaign. Unions and activists call on international brands to pay workers’ full wages throughout the duration of the pandemic and sign an enforceable agreement to prevent future pay theft.  

  • April 22, 2021

    Commemorating the Rana Plaza anniversary by preventing the next disaster

    24 April marks eight years since the Rana Plaza building collapsed with thousands of people inside, killing at least 1,134 people. In the face of a new lockdown in Bangladesh we are offering an online commemoration platform, to safely mark this anniversary. Additionally the website enables visitors to urge garment brands to continue preventing future disasters. This is vital as the Bangladesh Accord, the programme that has successfully made factories safer since Rana Plaza, is at risk of being rendered meaningless within the next five weeks.

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