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Our latest publication on mandatory human rights due diligence calls for concrete and comprehensive binding regulations which ensure responsible business conduct. 

We put the spotlight on brands’ unfair purchasing practices at the root of human rights violations, their reliance on the flawed social auditing system, the lack of occupational safety, gender inequality, poverty wages, persistent attacks freedom of association, the acute lack of value chain transparency and lack of effective remedy in cases of human rights violations which take place on a mass scale.

Human rights violations should be a matter of urgency for the garment and sportswear industry, it's time stakeholders work together to eradicate them from the supply chain.

Our latest policy paper on living wages in Europe explains why brands must start paying suppliers the full price of garment production.

We put forward a cross-border living wage proposal for European production countries and explain why national governments keep legal wages below the poverty line. We detail how we calculate a living wage and the human rights violations the garment industry is founded on.

Brands and retailers have built their wealth by under paying their suppliers for decades. Read more about how they can end exploitation in their supply chains.

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