Clean Clothes Podcast E4 - A living wage for all.

How can we get fair pay in workers’ pockets, and replace poverty wages with a real living wage? What new tools can our campaigns use? Duration: 35 minutes.


In this episode we hear:
  • Reflections on how low wages help trap workers as much as bonded labour (Tola Mouen, CENTRAL, Cambodia)
  • A research project starts gathering wage slip data across several countries, in a step to hold brands accountable for the pay their workers receive (Anne Bienias, CCCIO; Martua Raja Siregar, Garteks, Indonesia)
  • The EU Directive on Minimum Wages falls well short of what’s needed, but still provides campaign and negotiation opportunities (Štefica, Garment Worker; Mario Iveković, Novi Sindikat; Nikola Ptić, Regional Industrial Trade Union, Croatia)
  • Activists in European production countries learn from the experience in Asia, as they define what a living wage should be across borders (Bojana Tamindzija, CCC Serbia, Artemisa Ljarja, CCC Germany)
  • Thoughts on how a living wage is essential to tackling globalisation (Ashim Roy, Mill Mazdoor Panchayat & AFWA, India)


  • Anne Bienias, Clean Clothes Campaign International Office, Amsterdam
  • Martua Raja Siregar, Garteks Trade Union, Indonesia
  • Štefica, Garment Worker, Croatia
  • Mario Iveković, President, Novi Sindikat Trade Union, Croatia
  • Nikola Ptić, Regional Industrial Trade Union, Croatia
  • Bojana Tamindzija, Clean Clothes Campaign, Serbia
  • Artemisa Ljarlja, Clean Clothes Campaign, Urgent Appeals Coordinator, Germany
  • Ashim Roy, Asia Floor Wage Alliance International Secretariat, India


If you want to know more about the Europe Floor Wage, including its methodology, you can find that here, and in even more detail here.


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published 2022-09-05