Why does CCC focus on clothing and sportswear?

The garment industry was one of the first industries to globalise and to become transnational. Over the years we have witnessed the industry develop into one of the most detrimental industries in terms of workers’ rights and the destruction of the environment.

This has been promoted by the increasing ease at which brands can evade weak laws and regulations that protect migrant workers in the North and workers in the Global South, enabling brands to systematically exploit a majority women workforce with little consequence, for profit.

The exploitation of workers across the sportswear and garment industry provides an insight into the fundamental issues that plague other industries and the exploitation of workers within those supply chains, such as the toy and electronic sectors.

While some CCC coalitions are expanding to include multiple industries, CCC International Office strengthens its expertise in clothing and sportswear. Our concentrated approach connects consumers with workers, enabling a collaborative effort to challenge exploitation in the supply chain.