Why does CCC focus on clothing and sportswear?

The garment industry was one of the first industries to globalise and to become transnational. It developed into one of the most detrimental industries in terms of working rights for the people making our clothes, and is in the top five of most polluting industries.

The sportswear and garment industry provides a close look at the fundamental issues that plague the garment industry and other industries, including the toy and electronic sectors.

Because 80% of all garment workers are women, advancing freedom of association rights in solidarity with them, is one of the most powerful ways to gain access to rights, and to create gender equity in an entire industry. The garment industry being a multi billion operation, this will be a gigantic impact on other industries as well.

While some CCC coalitions are expanding to include multiple industries, CCC International Office strengthens its expertise in clothing and sportswear. Our concentrated approach connects consumers tand the clothes they wear to the people making these clothes and enables us to provide real solutions and results when it matters most.