How does CCC approach its work in the garment sector?

At CCC, we take action for garment workers within four areas of opportunity: demands to brands, direct solidarity, public awareness and people power, and legislation.
  • DEMANDS TO BRANDS: We pressure individual players in the fashion industry to maintain safe and healthy conditions in their factories, commit to a living wage, and adjusting their purchasing practices so their suppliers can employ their workers in decency;
  • SOLIDARITY SUPPORT: We respond to urgent cases of labour and human rights violations;
  • THE POWER OF PEOPLE: We raise public awareness about working conditions in the garment and sportswear industry and the organising taking place on the ground, mobilising consumers to act in solidarity with workers and pressure brands to act;
  • LEGISLATIVE TACTICS: We explore legal possibilities and lobby for legislation to promote good working conditions and hold brands legally accountable for human rights violations in their supply chain;

Each of these activities align with the principles behind our vision and mission. Learn about them here.