Workers' wages do seem low – but isn't the cost of living more affordable in garment-producing countries?

In comparison to the global north, garment-producing countries do yield a lower cost-of-living. That figure, however, does not represent a garment workers’ wage by proportion.

Thats why CCC advocates for a  living wage

By definition, a living wage provides workers (and their families) the means to afford basic needs – so they can live with dignity as a participating members of society.

A living wage reflects the local cost-of-living and social security benefits to cover the cost of:

  • clean water
  • nutritious food
  • shelter
  • clothing
  • education
  • health care and transport
  • discretionary income for unexpected expenses


The Asia Floor Wage uses an imaginary currency called Purchasing Power Parity $ (PPP$) to calculate living wages by region. Visit their site to see the numbers.