Pay Your Workers: Binding agreement on wages, severance & freedom of association

Brands and retailers around the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by cancelling orders, delaying placement of new orders, or forcing discounts on goods already produced. This way they offloaded the main risks and costs of the crisis upon the people who are least able to pay this price, after having been paid poverty wages for years: the workers. That is why labour rights organisations and unions in the Clean Clothes Campaign network are are urging apparel companies to publicly assure that all workers in their supply chain will be paid during this crisis and receive the severance they are owed if they lose their jobs. Brands and retailers can show their commitment to taking their responsibility towards the workers who enabled their past profits by signing a binding agreement containing a wage assurance and severance guarantee fund.

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The 250+ endorsers of the Pay Your Workers / Respect Labour Rights coalition are urging brands to sign a binding agreement on wages, severance and the right to organise. Find out more about our demands in the frequently asked questions.

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