30 Years of successes

Since 1989, the Clean Clothes Campaign works with trade unions, NGOs and workers across the globe to help ensure that the fundamental rights of workers are respected. We educate and mobilise consumers, lobby companies and governments, and offer direct solidarity support to workers as they fight for their rights and demand better working conditions.

Clean Clothes Campaign brings together more than 230 organisations covering a broad spectrum of perspectives and interests, such as women’s rights, consumer advocacy and poverty reduction. As a grass-roots network, both in garment-producing and in consumer markets, we identify local problems and objectives and transform them into global actions.

Clean Clothes Campaign is a leader in creating worldwide acknowledgement of brands’ supply chain responsibility. We build international awareness among policy-makers and brands of the importance of a living wage, safe workplaces, and supply chain transparency.

We aim to change the global garment industry through worker empowerment and binding agreements with brands. Key successes include:

Strengthening Worker Rights

We directly cooperate with garment workers facing labour violations, thus far providing direct solidarity in almost 500 cases in about 25 countries.

When 2,800 PT Kizone workers in Indonesia were denied payments after the closure of their factory, we supported the workers and made Adidas pay what the workers were due.

WE WON! adidas pays Kizone workers

WE WON! adidas pays Kizone workers

In a monumental victory, Adidas has agreed to compensate 2,800 Indonesian garment workers who were owed US…

Living wages

We handed over a petition with175,000 signatures to H&M’s CEOand Head of Sustainability as H&M is nowhere near to the promise it had set for itself five years earlier: a living wage for the workers who make H&M clothes.

Empowering Women

Our mutual capacity development programmes aim to support women in taking up leadership.

Making factories safer

We pioneered the ground breaking, legally binding Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, making factories safer for over 2 million workers.

We made it! - Global Breakthrough as Retail Brands sign up to Bangladesh Factory Safety Deal

We made it! - Global Breakthrough as Retail Brands sign up to Bangladesh Factory Safety Deal

Geneva 16 May 2013 – The world’s leading retail labels commit to the Accord on Fire and Building…

Increasing Transparency

As part of the transparency pledge coalition we have been instrumental in setting a minimum standard of supply chain transparency convincing over two dozen brands to adopt it.

Our Killer Jeans campaign exposed the risks of sandblasting in the denim industry and led to 40 brands banning the use of sandblasting.

#GoTransparent campaign win: Primark publishes factory locations

#GoTransparent campaign win: Primark publishes factory locations

This week low-cost retailer Primark published an overview of its production locations, after being presented with close to…