Violations at outdoor gear factory

Union rights are being violated at the JM TECH factory in Bogor, Indonesia. The factory employs 2,500 workers and produces for outdoor brands Lafuma, Millet, Eider and K2.

A trade union called Garteks was established at the factory in June 2014. Workers who joined the union since have been fired. There was an agreement between Garteks and the factory management to enter into dialogue, but the management left the negotiating table. Ever since, the manager has refused to negotiate with the trade union, despite the efforts of Garteks to mediate. In September 2014 the situation worsened: 25 syndicated workers were fired. This is consistent with previous cases at JM Tech, where members of another union received the same treatment.


Apart from the violation of the freedom of association safeguarded by the Indonesian Labour Law on Trade Unions (2000), the legal minimum wage is not implemented at the JM Tech factory.


In October 2014, the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) sent a letter to the management of JM Tech. CCC demanded that the management enter into direct dialogue with Garteks, and that they respect freedom of association at the factory. Also, all workers identified by Garteks as having been dismissed for their union activities should be reinstated without delay and with back pay. Furthermore, JM Tech should comply with the legal rights of workers regarding wages, overtime and working conditions.


In the meantime, an agreement has been negotiated on the overtime and working hours issues. But despite the agreement, union members are still being threatened and intimidated. The agreement has not yet been implemented. CCC will continue working with Garteks to have the agreement implemented and work towards a solution with regard to the other violations.