Fired for resisting sexual harassment

In September 2013, a female worker was fired after fighting back against sexual harassment. The intimidation had started immediately after she began working in the Richa Global factory in Gurgaon, which was producing for Lidl. When other workers protested against her dismissal, 87 of them were fired too.

After seven months of sexual harassment and intimidation at the factory by her supervisor and a quality checker, the female worker fought back and hit both of them with her slippers. After this she was fired by the factory management. This was the start of a wave of dismissals. In two weeks time almost ninety workers were fired for unknown reasons.

Lidl and Esmara

In October, seven of the fired workers filed a notice in the Labour Department against the mass layoff. They demanded an Internal Complaint Committee be set up, in compliance with Central government's new law against sexual harassment of women at the workplace. The female worker also filed a notice with Labour Department, challenging her dismissal.

One of the factory's main buyers is Lidl. The factory produced items for Lidl's fashion brand Esmara.

The Clean Clothes campaign has demanded that Lidl ensure that the Richa Global management sets up a meeting with the union and workers and assists in setting up an anti-sexual harassment committee. The Clean Clothes Campaign is in ongoing communication with Lidl about the case