Unionised workers singled out for layoffs

The 2011 layoffs at the Pinehurst factory in San Pedro Sula, producing for Adidas and Nike, were believed to be targeting trade union representatives. The Clean Clothes Campaign has been monitoring the situation throughout 2013 and has been mediating in contacts between the union and management. Recently, a collective agreement was reached.
“Pinehurst management did acknowledge to the Worker Rights Consortium that it did not consult with the Sitrapinehurst union, which is the sole legally certified representative of the factory’s workers, concerning the process by which workers would be selected for layoff.” - Worker Rights Consortium report, July 2012

The Clean Clothes Campaign first came into contact with workers in relation to this case in September 2011, after receiving a request for support from the Honduran trade union CGT. The union requested international support after the factory management had dismissed many more workers than needed due to falling orders. The workers believed that the management was specifically singling out union members for dismissal.

Collective agreement

The workers’ fear was sparked by a series of specific anti-union comments by the factory management. However, the question of whether or not the layoffs had been discriminatory could not be answered in full, as the management refused to provide the necessary documentation concerning the dismissals.

Workers Rights Consortium
(WRC) and Maquila Solidarity Network carried out a detailed investigation and ensured an open collective dialogue between the union and management, with the support of the Clean Clothes Campaign. International support has been essential, and has resulted in the implementation of a collective agreement between the union and the company management.

The Clean Clothes Campaign continues to monitor the situation at Pinehurst.


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