Laura Bresson (portrait)

Laura Bresson

Laura is an H&M store employee from Germany. She links the struggles of the people making the clothes she sells with her own activism. Read more

"I want to support the young women in the factories; to help them to secure higher wages so they can send their children to school, live in better houses and support their families."

Billy Yates (portrait)

Billy Yates

Billy, a student and activist from the USA, has been actively involved in pressuring some of the biggest brands in the world. Read more

“The Kizone case has been a landmark for international cooperation and solidarity.”

Sigmund Hegstad (portrait)

Sigmund Hegstad

Sigmund is a dancer, student, and activist from Norway who includes a living wage for garment workers into his vision of the world. Read more

“I don't think it's fair that our way of living has such a negative impact on so many other people around the world. What gives us the right to take advantage of other people and the environment"