Intimidation of unionised workers

Since May 2012, workers at SC Enterprises making garments for Italian brand Original Marines have faced ongoing intimidation for their activities with Kasbi trade union. SC Enterprises is an Indonesian supplier located in Central Java. Outwardly a green, “modern environmentally-friendly garment factory”, conditions within the factory are grim, with low wages, long working hours and forced unpaid overtime.

When PT SCE workers tried to form an independent union, Kasbi, inside the factory, 42 workers were illegally dismissed, most of them union members. Organising efforts started so that workers could address serious violations of their rights, including

  • threats of dismissal and intimidation directed at workers who seek to unionise;

  • exploitative and illegal use of short-term contracts and un-contracted workers;

  • unpaid wages and pay cuts;

  • forced overtime as well as unpaid and under-paid overtime;

  • discriminative policies and regulations towards women, such as sacking pregnant workers.

Despite many efforts to seek a positive resolution within the factory and involve the local labour authorities, only small changes occurred in the factory and union members have been physically threatened by armed thugs. The 42 workers are at the time of writing not reinstated.

In July 2012 the Clean Clothes Campaign, the Italian union Filcams Cgil and Oxfam contacted the Italian brand Original Marines and called on them to ensure that its supplier acts in accordance with both local laws and international standards and conventions for businesses and human rights and urged them to support the FOA protocol already signed by several brands, suppliers and unions. CCC has been working together closely with the workers, and together with Filcams Cgil also initiated an online public appeal about the case.

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