Police violence and intimidation

In July 2012 more than 2,000 workers from the Panarub Dwikarya factory, part of the Panarub Group, in Tangerang went on strike to protest against the lack of implementation of the provincial minimum wage, the denial of freedom of association and the bad working conditions at the workplace. They were confronted with police violence, intimidation and the unfair dismissal of 1300 workers that joined the strike. After intervention, buying brands adidas and Mizuno asked for an end to the violations.

The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) supported the call of the PlayFair alliance to ensure freedom of association and the reinstatement of the union members.

As a member of PlayFair, CCC sent a letter to the factory management, to adidas and to the Mizuno corporation urging them to take action to stop the labour rights violations. Adidas replied the same day. Mizuno entered into a email dialogue with both the factory management and the GSBI union. So far there has been no meeting between the brands and the union.