Conditions improved

After filing a complaint about working conditions and contract issues at the Orion Conmerx factory in Gurgaon, most of the 41 workers who signed the complaint were either laid off or forced to resign. After follow-up action by the Worker Rights Consortium and the Clean Clothes Campaign, contract terms have been improved.

Workers at the Orion Conmerx factory were fired after they complained about working conditions, overtime and contract issues. The Clean Clothes Campaign followed up together with the Worker Rights Consortium and others. The brands H&M, Timberland and Inditex, who were buying from the Orion Conmerx factory, were approached about the situation.

As a result, the factory agreed to

  • change the short term contracts to indefinite duration contracts by the end of 2012
  • provide compensation to the workers who were fired because they stood up for their rights
  • sign and read out a statement on Freedom of Association to all workers
  • pay workers their due overtime payments through an educational fund

The Clean Clothes Campaign is currently following up on the case by reintroducing a buyer to the factory, now that the labour rights violations have been addressed.