Hazardous workplaces

Two accidents cost the lives of three workers in Continental Garments factories in Dhaka. At the Eurotex factory, an exploding boiler caused panic among the workers. In the resulting stampede, two workers lost their lives. Only three weeks later, in another Continental Garments factory, a lift cable broke, resulting in the death of another worker.

The main buyers of Eurotex and Continental Garments were GAP and PvH, which is the parent company of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.
The Clean Clothes Campaign has urged these companies to pay compensation for lost wages and all the medical costs of the victims of these two accidents and their families. The compensation should meet the best practice standards that have been developed after previous accidents.

GAP, PvH and Continental Garments paid compensation in accordance with the demands. Brands were also called upon to take all necessary preventive measures, resulting in PvH signing the Fire and Building Safety Agreement. GAP is still refusing to sign the agreement.

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