Workers tortured for 'extortion'

In Karachi, twelve trade union activists were charged under the Anti-Terrorist Act in March 2012. This is believed to be a response to their union activities at their workplace at a subsidiary of Al Karam Textile Mills. Six of the unionists were arrested and tortured. In May 2012 they were released on bail.
“At Al Karam, we take our responsibilities seriously. We try to benefit our stakeholders by improving upon their quality of life in ways that are beneficial for the development of the community and our business; a win-win situation.”

Al Karam Corporate website

Six of the unionists were arrested and tortured. The other six charged workers were granted bail through the High Court before an arrest. No final verdict has yet been announced.

The Clean Clothes Campaign has informed the EU Delegation to Pakistan, the British High Commission and several embassies about the case. A meeting with the president and the general secretary of the Power Loom Mazdoor Union (PLMU), the deputy general secretary of the Pakistani National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) and the Danish consul was arranged with the help of CCC.

Legal assistance for the charged workers has been financially supported by CCC.

The Clean Clothes Campaign and European diplomatic representatives in Pakistan ensured that observers were present at the trial of the accused, to verify whether they will receive a fair trial. There have been several hearings, most of them with delays. There is no final verdict yet.

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