Solidarity with arrested labour activists in Hong Kong

Statement of Solidarity with labour activists, Carol Ng and Winnie Yu, arrested in Hong Kong.
Photo credit: Studio Incendo

We, the Global Clean Clothes Campaign Network, stand in solidarity with the arrested labour activists, Carol Ng and Winnie Yu, in Hong Kong.

The labour activists were amongst the 47 pro-democracy candidates who were charged for taking part in primary elections last July. They were merely participating in a democratic process but got prosecuted with conspiracy to commit subversion under the national security law. We condemn the crackdown and demand that all those detained be released and no further arrests made.

We will continue to closely follow the situation and be ready to support in our best capacity.


On 16th April 2021, Lee Cheuk Yan, General Secretary of HKCTU was sentenced to 14 months of imprisonment for his participation in peaceful rallies in 2019. Together with Lee, 8 other activists were also convicted. 

“You can still fight on with your spirit, and physically we can’t be restrained by jail sentences,” he said in January, in view of the four cases against him by the government.

Carol Ng, Chair of HKCTU, remains in custody since 28th February for allegedly breaching the national security law. In one of her letters, she wrote: “The experience of these four days [in court] is really precious. The union often says "be part of something big", and that is now realised! I don't know how the media covers it, but this trial of 47 democrats is historic and unprecedented in the history of Hong Kong, and I felt honored to be part of it.”


We are calling for solidarity messages and letters to be sent to Carol Ng and Lee Cheuk Yan. For further details please contact:

Please send your solidarity letters to HKCTU: 19/F, Wing Wong Hong, 557 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, stating 'To Carol Ng' or 'To Lee Cheuk Yan' on the cover of the envelope and the letter will be forwarded to them.

Please note the following:

⁃ Letters sent to the Correctional Institution will be inspected by the Correctional Services Department officers, so please do not include any illegal content. The officers will also remove the envelope.

- Use A4 paper, you can write on both sides, there is no limit on the number of sheets.

⁃ Please DO NOT write the number of pages in the letter.

⁃ DO NOT use a stapler. DO NOT use correction fluid or correction tape. DO NOT use stickers, gold powder or any 3D devices on the paper.

⁃ No foul language, you may use abbreviations or codes for sensitive information and names of people.

⁃ If you want to them to write back, you can write your name (pen name) and the return address on a separate sheet of paper and enclose it in the envelope.

⁃ Please DO NOT put anything other than the letter in the envelope, including: money, stamps, return envelope, food, bookmarks, cards, etc.

- It usually takes 4-6 working days to arrive after HKCTU colleagues have forwarded the letter.


published 2021-03-11