Call to release Daw Myo Aye on humanitarian grounds

Union leader Daw Myo Aye's health deteriorates in Myanmar prison.

We have serious concerns about the safety and wellbeing of Daw Myo Aye (also known as Myo Myo), leader of Solidarity Trade Union of Myanmar (STUM), who has been detained since April by the military and held in Insein, a prison notorious for human rights abuses. She has diabetes and is believed to be in a critical condition and being held in solitary confinement with no visitors allowed. The Prison Officer is not passing on her medication, and even her lawyer has not been permitted access to see her during the semi-lockdown in the prison, which has been ongoing for almost three months.

To take action and call for Daw Myo Aye's immediate release, please contact Embassies and call for diplomatic intervention. Our asks for Ambassadors based in Myanmar are: 

  • Visit Daw Myo Aye in Insein prison. 
  • Work with humanitarian healthcare organisations to ensure she receives the urgent medical attention needed. 
  • Publicly call for her release and the release of all political prisoners being held by the military junta. 

Please use the sample letter below as a basis to contact local Embassies in Myanmar. Your voice can help make a difference. 


Dear Ambassador,
We write to share an urgent appeal concerning labour union leader, Daw Myo Aye, a 52 year old woman, who was arrested by the Myanmar military government and has been held in custody in Insein prison since 15th April, 2021. Her health is deteriorating and she is in urgent need of medical support. We sincerely hope that you are able to intervene and use the diplomatic means at your disposal to ensure she receives the healthcare necessary and to push for her immediate release, and the release of all political prisoners in Myanmar. 
According to Clean Clothes Campaign’s local contacts and human rights watchdog, Daw Myo Aye is in grave health. She suffers with diabetes and a kidney ailment, which brings on severe back pain. Her family has been sending her medicine but the prison has been withholding these from her. She is being held in solitary confinement and denied any visitors, including her lawyer.
Daw Myo Aye is a prominent human rights defender, labour rights activist and the leader of Solidarity Trade Unions of Myanmar (STUM). Her unjust arrest and detention have aggravated her health conditions and she has not been allowed to see a doctor. Her basic human rights are being denied.
We urge your embassy to take swift and concrete action to protect Daw Myo Aye, including:
·       Use your diplomatic status to visit Daw Myo Aye in person, her last known location of detention is Insein Prison.
·       Work with relevant humanitarian bodies to ensure her urgent access to medical services.
·       Publicly call for her immediate release from prison, and the release of all political prisoners. 

published 2021-09-21