European Parliament slams Bangladesh Government on human rights and calls for the continuation of the Accord

Today the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on the Bangladesh Government to urgently act to address deteriorating human rights conditions.

The resolution calls on the Government to address a multitude of human rights abuses such as the ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression and association, extra judicial killings, enforced disappearances, excessive use of force, anti-union discrimination and other labour rights abuses.   

Notably the Resolution takes a strong stance on the Transition Accord on Fire and Building Safety calling on the Bangladesh government to allow the work of the Accord to continue beyond November 2018.  Currently, the Transition Accord is set to be expelled from Bangladesh on 30 November 2018.  

The resolution calls upon the European Commission to review the preferential trade status of Bangladesh, as the government of Bangladesh is violating the conditions set out by the Accord, the Sustainability Compact and the terms of their most favourable trade arrangement with the EU.

The Accord´s safety inspection program is the only credible program in Bangladesh, without such there will be no way to ensure that garment factories remain safe.  Last June, during the meeting of the EU-US Bangladesh Sustainability Compact, it was also confirmed that the Accord should remain until such time as the Bangladesh government is ready to take over, which it currently isn't. 

While the Government of Bangladesh continues on this reckless path of expelling the only organization currently equipped to prevent mass fatality factory disasters, such as the Rana Plaza collapse, Clean Clothes Campaign calls on all brands and retailers to make their orders conditional on the Accord being able to stay.

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