The naked truth of H&M starts now

Why not tell this season's bikini models to talk to H&M about living wages? : Dear Doutzen, you have recently modelled for the new bikini line of H&M. Congratulations with the beautiful pictures! But do you know where and under what conditions the bikinis of H&M are made?

The women who make these clothes for H&M in Eastern Europe and Asia earn a wage that is far below from a living wage. Even though they work 10 till 12 hours a day, they do not earn enough to provide education for their kids, healthy meals and medicine. In Cambodia need to earn more then 4 times of what they earn now, to make sure they and their family can have a decent life.

Doutzen, we ask you to help us achieve a living wage for all garment workers. Could you publicly ask H&M to pay a living wage and to disclose the living wage benchmarks of the existing projects?
Here you can find more information why we think H&M needs to speed up it's game.

Thanks a lot!

Much Obliged!