New CCC begins in Czech Republic

On World Day for Decent Work, Clean Clothes Campaign is delighted to welcome the newest European platform.

Two Czech NGOs, NaZemi and the Ecumenical Academy Prague, today are forming the first Clean Clothes Campaign in the Czech Republic.  

The forming of a Czech CCC will mean garment brands that source from the Czech Republic will be under a watchful eye; members of the public will have better access to information about the conditions, in which their clothes are produced; and consumers will have a better chance that their voice will be heard by garment companies.

In NaZemi, we have been focused on the working conditions in the garment sector for over six years. More than 20 years of experience of the CCC will help us pressure international and Czech garment companies more effectively. ”  - Clean Clothes Czech Republic Anna Lazorová.

The new Czech platform will see Clean Clothes Campaign increasing it's presence in Eastern European countries that are both key markets for clothes and production countries.

"Garments should be not only functional and pretty, but also decent – and that in the context of the CCC we join today. It means, that work in garment factories should enable workers to live a decent life,” states Jiří Silný, director of the Ecumenical Academy Prague.


"We are delighted to welcome a new member to our ever growing network. Clean Clothes Czech Republic is the 17th European partner, and joins a network of over 250 trade unions and non-governmental organisations worldwide that make up the largest global network campaigning for the improvement of conditions for garment workers worldwide,” says Emma Harbour from the International Secretariat of the CCC on the occasion.


Tomáš Bílý, director of NaZemi, signing CCCZ declaration