News flash: 21 Cambodians refused bail

Clean Clothes Campaign expresses bitter disappointment and continues the fight for their immediate release.

Clean Clothes Campaign has reacted with dismay at the refusal to release on bail 21 of the 23 Cambodian men who were detained during January's wage struggles.

The bail hearings were held in a closed session this morning, February 11th, with none of the 21 men in attendance.  All 21 men remain in the CC3 jail, located in the Kampong Cham province north of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, which is notorious for its harsh conditions.. Two of the original 23 detainees, were released on bail last Saturday.

Clean Clothes Campaign is extremely disappointed at this decision. “We will continue to fight for their immediate release alongside our partners in Cambodia and around the world.  We call on the Cambodian Government to immediately release the 21 men and drop all charges against all 23, and resume good faith wage negotiations.”  said Emma Harbour of Clean Clothes Campaign. “A wage you can live on, which was at the heart of the protests, is a right everyone deserves and Clean Clothes Campaign will continue to support all garment workers in their struggles for a living wage.”

Campaigners across the world showed solidarity with the 21 detained men on Monday 10th January with actions outside Cambodian Embassies in Seoul, Brussels, Geneva, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Berlin and Dhaka, amongst other actions on a global day of solidarity with Cambodian workers.