Benetton and Mango: come to Bangladesh, and pay compensation!

Recently, we asked you to call on Benetton and Mango to go to the Tazreen and Rana Plaza compensation meetings in Bangladesh because the right to fair compensation ‘unites all people’.

Both brands are getting the message LOUD and CLEAR; thousands of supporters are posting their concerns on their Facebook pages.

Benetton and Mango have not yet agreed to attend the meetings. These are well-known European brands. They can afford to make sure these families don’t continue to suffer.

Unfortunately, due to sudden ill health of IndustriALL’s Bangladesh representative, the meetings scheduled for August 11 and 12 have been postponed until September. This doesn't mean we let the brands off the hook. Keep pushing Benetton  and Mango to attend the meetings and pay compensation. If you have a Twitter account, click here and leave your message automatically. You can of course also leave your own  message at @mango and @benetton.

United colours, united responsibility! @Benetton and @Mango, pay full #compensation now!

Prefer to use Facebook? Keep posting on Benetton and Mango's Facebook pages and tell them to pay full and fair compensation for the survivors of the Bangladesh tragedies and the families of those deceased.

If you are not on Facebook, you can still send an email to the companies involved.

Thank you for your support,

Clean Clothes Campaign