Historic win for Cambodian workers

Workers from the Kingsland factory in Cambodia have won an historic settlement after months of protest over unpaid wages.

Walmart & H&M suppliers have agreed to a settlement of US$205,000 for around 160 workers who were left with unpaid wages and no severance pay when factory owners shut the doors late last year.

“When we heard the news, we all shouted.  We were so happy.” Or Sokuong, one of the workers who have been camping outside the factory since the 3 January to prevent the factory owners selling the machinery or other assets until they were fully paid in accordance with Cambodian law.  “We have power again knowing we will get our salary and benefits after working here so many years.”

It is the first time in Cambodia brands and their suppliers have sat down to reach an agreement with workers and their representatives. A committee including workers, their representatives, brands, suppliers and the government will agree the distribution, and the payment will be distributed to workers within 2 weeks.