Hong Kong company Li & Fung refuses to pay workers

We urge you to support 420 struggling workers in Turkey who have been staging a picket line in front of Li & Fung for three months. These workers were employed by a company called Hey Tekstil. From November 2011 to February 2012, the company did not pay them for their last three months of work, fired them without notice, and subsequently failed to pay them their legally-mandated severance and notification payments.

Li & Fung refuses to pay over 2000 Hey Tekstil workers 4.7 million euros

Li & Fung, one of the largest apparel sourcing companies in the world based in Hong Kong, was Hey Tekstil’s primary business partner at the time of the factory’s closure. After the Istanbul factory was closed, Hey Tekstil’s significant financial and legal problems came to the fore when its remaining factories across Turkey were closed and an additional estimated 1.600 workers were not paid their legally-mandated severance and notification payments.  At this time, one of the founders of Hey Tekstil was imprisoned in a criminal investigation into fictitious exports.

Li & Fung is the sole party that has both the ability and responsibility to remedy the injustices to Hey Tekstil workers who are owed an estimated 4.7 million EUR.

On behalf of 2.000 Hey Tekstil workers in Turkey, please send a message to Li & Fung’s Chairman today and demand Li & Fung take responsibility and action to deliver justice to Hey Tekstil workers now.