Stop the Killer Jeans!

After much publicity on an Italian TV-show, Roberto Cavalli has issued a very terse statement saying they are not currently using sandblasting. Not exactly a public ban, but a start...

A few months since we started our urgent appeal against sandblasted jeans, many companies have approached us and are bringing this dangerous process to an end.

However,  Dolce & Gabbana, and others still refuse any dialogue with the CCC or they fail to provide us with the necessary information.

Sandblasting, which gives jeans a 'worn' or used look, is known to kill sandblasting operators in garments producing countries, and thousands of lives are at risk. For an overview of brands that refuse to take immediate action on this urgent problem, see the list below.

Some major brands, such as Levi's, H&M and C&A, have already abolished sandblasted jeans in their collections. The others should take their responsibility too!

We are still in dialogue with the brands listed below, and other brands, about the actual implementation of the ban, verification of processes at production sites, and medical follow up and financial compensations for workers who have contracted silicosis.