The Structural Crisis of Labour Flexibility: Strategies and Prospects for Transnational Labour Organising in the Garment and Sportswear Industries

This paper from May 2008 is part of an ongoing evaluation and strategising process through which the CCC's aims and activities can be accessed, reviewed, redefined and adapted. The central question here is what strategies, tools, campaigns would help to achieve our objectives? The paper first discusses why poor working conditions are so persistent in the global garment industry, despite fifteen years of codes of conduct. The second section discusses three main strategies the CCC has employed over the last 15 year to improve working conditions. It includes an overview of how the debate on codes of conduct, monitoring and verification has evolved. Finally, the third section discusses the three broad strategies that might increase the impact of voluntary, private instruments on working conditions. It discusses three different contexts in which voluntary initiatives can contribute to improve working conditions.

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