Where can I find information on specific brands and their labour practices?

There are a number of places and ways to look for this information, both here and on other websites.

You can use the search function on our website to find past and present violations of labour rights and the specific brands who were/are involved, as well as general information about the garment industry and the worker experience.

Fashion Checker

We are showing the level of supply chain transparency and if brands are paying a living wage on our "fashionchecker.org" website.

However, there are of course more places where you can find out about brand behaviour toward workers, the environment, ethical and legal standards. We recommend the following resources:

Keep in mind: Each organisation offers a unique perspective on the credibility of a brand’s corporate social responsibility program and which standards are most beneficial to workers. Rankings may vary.

Consult the Sourcewatch guide to make your own assessment of a particular brand’s social responsibility.