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The Clean Clothes Campaign European Coalition consists of 138 member and partner organisations in 22 European countries in and outside the European Union. We work collectively to improve labour conditions in the garment and footware industry in Europe.

The organisations in the CCC European coalition work towards achieving Living Wages and mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation in Europe. This involves educating consumers on the reality of garment and footwear production, mobilising citizens to take action, educating garment workers on their rights, lobbying fashion brands, retailers and governments, and offering direct solidarity support to garment workers fighting for better working conditions.

We worked with WikiRate, an open data expert, on the aggregation and consolidation of the supply chain information released by brands. We also use the data gathered by the Open Apparel Registry and OpenCorporates among others. This database, as well as datasets from trusted partners with long running experience makes this evidence available to the public in a user-friendly way. We tested various methods of presenting this data with the help of experts in usability, Semcon.

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