An example of international solidarity: the Indonesian Kizone story

In this timeline we highlight a remarkable case: the epic battle of the 2800 workers - and their supporters - from the Kizone factory in Indonesia that were left with no income after the sudden closure of the factory, without being paid the legally owed severance payments. The case started in 2011 and ended - in victory! - in early 2013, most of the actions happened during 2012.

This case shows that Urgent Appeals often run over a long period of time. But it also shows remarkable international solidarity: workers from Indonesia came together with activists from Europe, the US, Australia and practically all over the globe.

In this interactive timeline, you find interviews, pictures, video's, press releases and key documents that tell the story of how a determined struggle can help secure the rights of workers against a formidable opponent.

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Triangle solidarity

The CCC works with other organisations to simultaneously put pressure on all those responsible for improving workplace conditions. This often results in a “triangle solidarity” strategy for action: campaigning in the producing country where violations occur, in as many countries as possible where the clothing is sold, and also in the home country of the buyer.