News flash: violent crackdown of Tuba protest Bangladesh

Update 11 August 2014 - Last Sunday, after 14 days of hunger strike, the Tuba group workers received their three months wages. The remaining demands still stand. Earlier that weekend, all arrested union leaders had been released.

The remaining demands are:

  1. payment of overtime and Eid bonuses
  2. keeping factories open so that nearly 1,600 workers can retain their livelihood
  3. compensation for workers who have fallen ill
  4. 'cancellation' of Tuba Gruop managing Director Delwair Hossain's bail and compensation for victims and survivors of the Tazreen Fashions fire in November 2012
Update 7 August 2014 - Clean Clothes Campaign demands the immediate release of union leader Moshrefa Mishu and all others and calls for an end to the violence against the worker's strike in Bangladesh. The protesting women announced a nation-wide strike of all garment producing factories this week if they do not receive three months salaries and allowances owed to them by garment producer Tuba Group. 

President of the Garment Workers Unity Forum Moshrefa Mishu was arrested today when police stormed into a factory of Tuba Group in Dhaka, firing rubber bullets and teargas canisters to disperse workers who were observing indefinite hunger strike demanding their three months' salary and bonuses in full.

Police also arrested Jolly Talukder, joint seceretary of the Bangladesh Trade Union Center and Monjur Moin, labour leader from the Communist party.

Hundreds of workers from five Tuba Group factories have been protesting since the day before Eid. More than 100 workers collapsed and 17 have been hospitalized since the hunger strike began on Monday 28th July.

We urge garment producer Tuba Group in Bangladesh to immediately pay all outstanding wages and bonuses to 1,600 of their employees. We stand in solidarity with the Tuba workers who enter the 11th day of their hunger strike demanding payment of their wages, overtime dues and allowances for the months of May, June and July including their Eid bonus.

EUR 400.000 (around EUR 250,- per person) is needed to pay three months' wages and Eid bonuses to the workers. Delwar Hossain, managing director of Tuba Group, has been detained in jail since February 9 for his role in Tazreen fire in November 2012 that took 112 lives. however, he has been released on bail last Tuesday.

Furthermore the workers demand that the factories should be kept open so that the women can retain their livelihood, compensation for workers who have fallen ill and compensation for the victims of Tazreen Fashions fire.

We call on the BGMEA, the Tuba Group and the buyers of the factories to call for an end to the violence and ensure swift payments to the workers, because nobody should be forced to risk their lives for a living wage.

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