Principles for Conducting Asia Floor Wage Campaign

The AFW campaign acknowledges the importance of the Global South led by unions, in this international campaign; it recognizes that the idea originated within the trade union movement in Asia, and in particular India .

The AFW campaign relies on open dialogue with diverse institutions, including manufacturers and governments; and it will pay due attention to the development of relationships with them in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

The AFW campaign relies on the solidarity between the Global North and the Global South; differences and unequal power dynamics that seep into activism will be resolved through open communication and continuous dialogue that respects the Asian labour initiative.

The AFW campaign will strive to maintain transparency and inclusivity of all organizations that have a stake in this campaign.

The AFW Alliance members in each country are responsible for deepening communication with their allies in their countries and integrating the AFW campaign with other garment workers' initiatives and campaigns on working conditions, living wage, and industrial bargaining.

The AFW Alliance views itself as a platform bringing together diverse entities that may be collaborating for the first time on such a scale. It believes that collaboration of these diverse entities is critical to the campaign and will rely on the collective experiences of the Alliance members to ensure and sustain a viable platform.

The AFW campaign believes its strength lies in the development of a de-centralized movement, will promote flexibility, spontaneity, and sharing, and will evolve structures and coordination to the extent necessary to provide broad cohesion, and avoid confusion and inefficiency.

The AFW campaign agrees that its core purpose is to achieve recognition of AFW and actualize it in Asia and for this, will give due diligence to each alliance member's sensitive issues. It will not engage and get involved in issues that are divisive to the campaign and would weaken its efforts.